How many works of art can I submit?
The number of works you can submit vary for each project. Please read the rules and download the entry form.

What is the maximum size I can submit?
The maximum size for your vary for each project. Please read the rules and download the entry form.

Does my work have to be framed?
When handing in original works of art the rules of entry state that all work on paper should be framed. This ruling has developed as a protective measure to ensure that the delicate surfaces of the submitted artwork are not damaged in the normal course of handling.
We do not state that all work must be framed, and if there is a genuine aesthetic reason for the work to remain unframed, then we will accept the entry. In these cases, the absence of glass and mouldings render the work more vulnerable to damage and we ask you to provide a packing case or equivalent in which the work can be safely stored until it is displayed for the judges.

What frames are suitable?
Any well-made, durable wooden frames are acceptable. These types of frames ensure that the surface of your work is protected, and are robust enough to withstand transportation.

Why do you not accept metal frames or clip frames?
Both these types of frames can cause damage to other drawings and are dangerous to handle. Clip frames, in particular, break easily and can cause injury to our technical team.

Why do I have to remove mirror plates, picture wire and d-rings from my frame?

All metal projections can damage other work whilst in storage, and we insist that you remove them as a matter of respect for other people’s work.

Does my work have to be signed and dated?
Yes. If you have already framed your work and do not want to remove the frame, or you do not wish to sign and date the front of your work because it interferes with the image, please sign and date the back of the frame.

I will be away on holiday on the submission/return dates. Can I still submit/collect my work?
Yes. As the collection centres are only open on specific dates, you will need to arrange for a representative to deliver/collect your work for you when the centres are open. This can be a family member, a friend or a courier.

What happens next?
You must take your work with your completed entry form and payment to the collection centre you have chosen to use. Collection Centres will only take your work at the dates and times advertised. A member of staff will process your entry. You will be informed by letter of the Selection Panel's decision by the advised date. If you have not received a letter by this date please contact the exhibition co-ordinator.

Do I have to do anything if my work is selected?
If your work is selected you will be asked to provide a full curriculum vitae, a brief biography (maximum 150 words), and a statement about each piece of work selected (maximum 150 words). This information will be used for press purposes and held on file during the exhibition should a potential buyer be interested in your work.

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